About company

The UNION PAPER company was founded back in 1993. After 6 years of successful work, in 1999 we managed to bring into reality another of our conceived ideas - the supply of packaging cardboard, printing paper and the production of paper products. The successful, albeit thorny path only inspired us to come up with ideas, and already in 2004 we decided to take the next ambitious step - the construction of a paper mill. We must admit that we have conquered this peak too. In the city of Yangiyul, we created our own production with a capacity of 15,000 tons per year, setting up the production of white paper in rolls for printing and the production of school notebooks from recycled materials.

Over the three years of the factory's existence, we have so meticulously studied all the aspects and nuances of our business that in 2007, we decided to focus exclusively on the sale of imported paper. Recycled raw materials were significantly inferior in quality to cellulose paper products. Restructuring the business to produce products from cellulose, as the primary and best raw material, was not easy for us. However, now, having almost thirty years of experience behind us and occupying one of the leading positions along with other companies in the Uzbekistan market, we understand that we did everything “at the right time.” Since October 1, 2017, the Company has been selling paper and paper products under its own brand - UNION PAPER.


Reliability, working only with trusted suppliers and many years of experience give us the right to declare ourselves as reliable partners and responsible performers. Our products include a whole range of products: all types of paper (newsprint, coated, offset, packaging), cardboard (corrugated cardboard, packaging, coated). Among our long-term partners: the newsprint giant JSC Kondopoga Pulp and Paper Mill, as well as the leader in pulp production JSC Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill.

Our mission

We chose the name of our brand UNION PAPER for a reason. He first brought us together as a team, which later became a family. Thanks to team unity, we have become one with our partners and clients. You ask what is our mission? It's simple: unite.


Тахиров Зафар Комилжанович (Директор)

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Ганиев Азиз (Коммерческий Директор)

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Башкирова Эльмира (Главный бухгалтер)

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Садыков Махамадамин (Внутренний аудитор)

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Беженарова Ксения (Руководитель ВЭД отдела)

Аширалиев Санжар (Менеджер по мелованной бумаге)

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Байхарашева Феруза (Менеджер по упаковочному картону)

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Набижонов Фуркат (Менеджер по гофрокартону)

Комилжонов Бобуржон (менеджер по мелованной бумаге)

Комилжонов Бобуржон (менеджер по мелованной бумаге)

Ахмадниязов Иброхим (Руководитель менеджеров по бухгалтерии)

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Жуманова Севара (Менеджер по бухгалтерии)

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